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Payments: The March of Tech

On Christmas Eve, when few people were paying attention to the world of fintech, Google was awarded a European Union e-money licence from the Republic of Ireland. The agreement followed a similar deal the tech giant had struck with Lithuanias central bank just a few days earlier.

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With This Ring, I Thee Pay – Buy, Authenticate 

Human wrists deserve a break when it comes to payments, commerce and even authentication, right? To put it another way: Is there a better way to do wearables, to appeal to consumers who, for various reasons, might not like wearing web-connected devices on that part of their bodies? It’s a reasonable concern.

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Banking With Alexa: What Works, What Doesn’t

The fast-follower strategy has been a perennial favorite among financial institutions. But that approach may be on life support. Global consulting firm McKinsey cautions financial institutions that they must now either be leaders or, at the least, very fast followers. The leadership team at Numerica Credit Union has taken this warning to heart.

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6 Fintechs Looking to Change Australian Property in 2019

From getting a home loan in 22 minutes to empowering Australia’s renters, these fintechs are trying to change Australia’s property market.

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Siri: Change the Way I Shop Using Mobile Payments

Voice assistant systems are making a lot of changes in our society. If you believe South Park, theyre either going to take all our jobs until we must rise up against them or force us to employ rednecks festooned with older tech to keep unemployment down. Regardless of your stance on these mechanisms, a new […]

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How the Blockchain Ushers in a New Form of Trust – Knowledge@Wharton

Blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology today. But confusion exists about what it is exactly: The blockchain is often mentioned in the same breath as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it encompasses far more than that.

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The Future of Restaurant Payments Is Tied to Your Phone

When it comes to eating out, waiting for the bill is one part of the meal that often drags on the dining experience. When customers are ready to pay and leave, the faster that is facilitated, the better. To solve the issue, several restaurant tech players are testing digital payment solutions to eradicate that waiting […]

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How Insurance Can Get a Boost in the Cryptocurrency Market

Almost US1 billion (around SG1.35 billion) in cryptocurrency assets was swiped by hackers in 2018. According to blockchain security firm CipherTrace, last year’s crypto losses of approximately US927 million (around SG1.2 billion) were 3.5 times higher than the levels seen in 2017, which came to US266 million (around SG359.6 million).

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Fit Pay to Ship Bitcoin Payment Device

Source: Fit Pay Fit Pay, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Nxt-ID, Inc. (NASDAQ: NXTD), today announced that it will begin shipping initial orders of Flip, a new contactless payment device that enables Bitcoin holders to use the value of their currency to make contactless purchases at millions of retail locations.

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More Americans No Longer Carry Any Cash at All

Not surprisingly, millennials are paving the way among people ditching bills and coins in favor of credit, debit and digital payments, through apps like Apple Pay, Venmo and Zelle. In fact, more than 1 in 10 millennials use their digital wallet for every purchase, according to a separate report by Experian – especially on food, […]

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Chilean Treasury Launches Blockchain Platform to Process Public Payments

The Chilean General Treasury of the Republic (TGR), which oversees tax collection in the country, has launched a blockchain platform to process payments, according to a press release published Dec. 19.

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Apple Pay Could Hit Czech Republic and Slovakia Soon

Apple Pay is continuing its march to global dominance. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac Apple Pay could land in Slovakia and the Czech Republic over the next couple of months, a new report claims. A local news source suggests that Apple’s mobile payment service is likely to launch in either late February or early March.

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Regulations Hurt Vietnam Digital Payments Growth

Vietnam wants to be a cashless society, according to a report in Financial Times, but bank regulations are hindering the country’s ability to do so. The problem isn’t a lack of investment in the sector, or cash flow to grow market share for companies in the field – it’s the restrictive rules on e-wallets created […]

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Cybercurrencies and the Need for Regulation

Anyone with a pulse and the money to cover legal fees can issue a cybercurrency. Once the cybercurrency is created, however, brokers are needed to sell and make a market for it. Given cybercurrencies are an unregulated market, then there are few concerns over how much commission is paid to the broker.

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Canada’s First All-Crypto Legal Firm Opens Its Doors to Global Clientele

Technology lawyer Addison Cameron-Huff launched his new, Toronto-based, all-crypto legal firm on January 3, 2019, Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary, as a statement of his commitment to working for and promoting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-based businesses.

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8 Regulations That Could Shape Fintech in Asia This Year – Fintech Singapore

Asia Pacific regions are somewhat disjointed when it comes to banking and fintech-related regulations, with countries like China moving towards more region-specific and refined rules, while countries like Thailand and Indonesia are still trying to introduce basic, yet important regulations to help the financial tech segment grow while keeping custo.

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