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The Advantages of a Faster Blockchain for Global and Financial Institutions

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the mainstream, beyond the popular cryptocurrency market. Even traditional financial institutions, banks, investment companies, etc.

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Payment Processing Security: Reducing Fraud for Merchants and Customers

Payment fraud is bad for everyone. For cardholders, payment fraud is an inconvenience and unnecessary expense; it means they must cancel their cards, acquire new ones and sometimes spend hours arguing about certain charges with their card companies.

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Blockchain Payments Need to ‘Tip the Scales’

While interoperability is vital to blockchain payments’ success, another critical area for growth in the industry is scalability. It simply won’t be possible for enterprises to build a healthy and functional ecosystem around the technology without scale.

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Beyond Cryptocurrency: Hardware Wallets as Blockchain Infrastructure

The right kind of wallet can be used to store data and authenticate transactions beyond cryptocurrency. Hardware wallets are a significant cornerstone of cryptocurrency’s budding history. They first arrived on the scene in 2014, when a combination of circumstances ripened around their creation.

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The Future of Cross-Border Transfers Could Be Central Bank-Backed Digital Currency

As we slowly but surely move towards a global village into a reality, the overall value of cross-border payments is also expected to rise by 5.5 yearly, increasing from US22 trillion in 2016 to US30 trillion in 2022. Yet, according to a report published by KPMG , active correspondent bank numbers are at a slow […]

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KPMG Report: Institutionalization of Crypto Necessary

According to a KPMG Report last week, digital assets like Bitcoin are not truly currencies yet but a new world of finance is emerging in which transacting in crypto-assets may become standard procedure. The comprehensive report in the first instance offers certain use cases for cryptocurrencies.

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Businesses Want Real-Time Payments — What Will It Take to Get There?

Real-time payments: It’s one of those changes that everyone seems to agree on, but could still use some push. That’s the idea behind the recently launched Faster Payments Council (FPC), a group of payment industry participants with the goal of providing a ubiquitous payment system with near-immediate funds availability anywhere.

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Mobile Payments Still Stuck in Neutral

No industry faces disruption as acutely as retail right now. Online-only retailers are challenging every piece of a retail puzzle that has not changed much in the last century. How do traditional retailers grow market share and revenue? Upon first glance, faster shipping and more customized in-store experiences seem like the most obvious answers.

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Industry Leaders Believe the Brexit Deal Will Pave Way for Massive Adoption of Blockchain Technology

While blockchain technology is known to have many life-transforming advantages, the new technology is still lacking in terms of adoption. Industry leaders and blockchain companies are looking for new opportunities to explore and promote mass adoption. Well, there just might be an opportunity as British politics is changing its economy.

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Visa, AmEx, Mastercard Face Antitrust Charges in Brazil

Visa, American Express and Mastercard are among the payment companies that are the subject of an inquiry by Brazilian regulators. According to a report in Bloomberg citing the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense or CADE, the Brazilian regulators are looking to see if the credit card companies ran afoul of payment network rules.

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Championing Digital Payments in Malaysia

Singapore has consistently led in digital transformation both regionally and globally China is leading the pack in the cashless game with the rise of digital wallets DRIVEN by increased smartphone penetration and a rise in digital payments adoption, Asia is widely accepted to be leading in mobile payments globally.

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Is New Zealand Embracing Cryptocurrency?

One of the first ICOs in New Zealand will launch this month. The reason why this project gained so much attention is that New Zealand is known to be one of the strictest countries in the world, in terms of adapting cryptocurrency.

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US Regulator Plays Hardball Over ICO Securities

Like some stocky wiseguy in New Jersey, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) just aint got time for any nonsense about initial coin offering (ICO) securities. The SEC has settled charges against two companies that sold digital tokens in ICOs.

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Japan Wants to Regulate Cryptocurrency Wallet Services

Despite granting the industry self-regulatory status, it seems Japanese regulators are still keen to keep an eye on things. The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) recently announced that it is devising a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency wallet services, Bitcoin News reports.

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This Is How Politicians Should Regulate the Blockchain

Blockchain is touted as the solution for everything from managing electrical grids to forming a new religion, and like any innovation, it’s caught the attention of regulators. That shouldn’t panic startups planning to disrupt any particular industry – instead, anyone using the distributed ledger would be wise to call their local regulator first.

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Australian Banks Don’t Want Regulation Overhaul

Australia’s major banks aren’t in support of an overhaul to the new Banking Code of Practice. According to Smart Company, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, NAB and ANZ announced this week that they are in agreement that consumer credit protection laws shouldn’t be extended to cover small business (SMB) lending.

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