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Deep Dive: Making Smarter Payments Safer

Banks and businesses handling personal information face a delicate balancing act as global systems embrace smarter payments. They must deliver services that customers and clients demand while securing their personal data. Data is crucial and – fortunately, for banks and businesses in the smarter payments space – plentiful.

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Fintech Is Still the Preferred Sector in Africa for Global VCs

With traditional banks still struggling to reach the 95 million unbanked adults across Sub-Saharan Africa, it comes as no surprise that in 2018, investors (locally and internationally) are still backing the new wave of Fintech startups that are levelling the playing field for the unbanked and underserved in Africa.

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Visa Announces Fintech Partnership to Help Companies Eliminate $33 Trillion in Paper Checks

patpitchaya | Getty Images Visa is partnering with Ingo Money to launch a product for merchants and banks to quickly get onto the payment network’s systems allowing fast digital payments to customers.

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The Future of Mobile Banking Hinges on New, ‘Ambient’ Technologies

Some day, thanks to digital assistants, smart watches, voice-enabled devices and other technologies, banking tasks will become invisible.

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Cross-Border Payments and Bank-FinTech Collab

When PYMNTS asked cross-border payments experts at the end of last year what they thought the driving trend would be for the industry in 2018, the consensus was all about collaboration, particularly between banks and FinTech firms.

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Insight Into the Mobile Payments Industry Comes From eBay’s Apple Pay Measurements

December 12, 2018 By: Steven Anderson It wasn’t so long ago when word first emerged that eBay was moving away from PayPal, a point that turned on its heel not too long after it started. Among the options eBay offered was Apple Pay, and the move to Apple Pay actually provided some insight into the […]

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Real-time Payments: The Next Big Thing in US Banking

Real-time payments (RTP) is here and it promises to be the biggest change in US payments since the 1970s.

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Cyber Criminals Targeting Holiday Spirit With New Gift Card Scam

Quick. You just got an urgent email from the president of your company asking you to purchase gift cards for everyone in the office. You need to respond quickly for further instructions and keep it quiet because it’s a surprise.

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5 Key Trends That Have Emerged in Malaysia’s Banking Scene in 2018

Renowned cosmologist Carl Sagan once said, You have to know the past to understand the present. A statement that rings true across all facets of life, as we approach the end of 2018, it’s worthwhile for us to look some of the key trends that have emerged in the local banking scene this year to […]

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India ATM Closures Boost Demonetization Efforts

In November 2016, the Indian government issued a ban on the nation’s higher-denomination 500- and 1000-rupee notes, essentially deeming 86 percent of its currency invalid. The move came as a surprise, and left no small amount of chaos – with bank runs and big losses for merchants – in its wake.

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Japan: An Underdog Molding the Cryptocurrency Industry

Why doesn’t the cryptocurrency industry talk more about Japan? The more I think about it, the more difficult I find it to understand crypto – the computer-originating digital currency designed to bypass borders and governments – without considering Japan’s role in its propagation and popularization.

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Driving the Next Technology Revolution

The digital transformation of Europes non-bank payment sector is set to deliver instant, frictionless and invisible transactions.

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UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Introduces New Rules on Handling Complaints About Authorised Push Payment Fraud

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today published new rules allowing victims of Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud to complain to the payment services provider (PSP) receiving their payment.

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How AML Regulations Turn Credit Unions Into Law Enforcement

Communication and engagement with members is an essential part of any credit unions’ (CUs’) retention strategy. Recently, though, many CUs have turned to technology-driven solutions to help members more efficiently communicate their needs and feedback. However, their members are not the only ones with whom credit unions must regularly work.

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Top 5 Blockchain Predictions for 2019 – JAXenter

Shutterstock / Andrew Krasovitckii Blockchain is an increasingly key technology for enterprises that require trustless transactions and secure record keeping.

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KYC and AML: Could This Regulation Save Cryptocurrencies?

The alleged Danske Bank money-laundering scandal, involving 200 billion of suspicious transfers, highlights the need for greater transparency After skyrocketing for a couple of years, the cryptocurrency bubble has come crashing down to Earth.

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