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Samsung Furthers on Its Positive Stance on the Cryptocurrencies

Samsung Pay accounts for nearly 80 percent of the market payments in South Korea. Cryptocurrency integration is considered to be an essential strategy for Samsung to expand on its user base. A significant percentage of the South Korean population is keen on cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrency Digital Wallets for the Unbanked and Retail Users

Cryptocurrency issuers can provide a positive coverage for the unbanked population. They can offer digital wallets to unbanked people to ultimately prevent fraud. This will also help replace outdated systems with efficient financial wallets. It is important to ensure that the updated versions are the ones that we can live with.

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What Will Blockchain Mean to the FinTech Sector?

Most of you have understood the principle of the blockchain, and the huge spike in interest to the bitcoin cryptocurrency arose at the same time. Bitcoin doesn’t come off the pages of news about the world of fintech. It’s quite rational that the technology attracts massive attention.

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