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Bank of America Has the Most Blockchain Patents, but Is It Actually Going to Use Them?

On October 30, Bank of America (BofA) added yet another cryptocurrency-related patent to its collection of more than 50 applications filed within the same field. The second-largest bank in the US has been leading in the informal blockchain patent race, sidestepping such players as IBM and Alibaba.

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More Mobile Payments-Related Updates Emerge for Bank of America

Weve heard plenty out of Bank of America lately, and its done a whopping lot to augment its mobile presence over the last few months. Now, its loosed word our way that its once again augmented its mobile app.

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Will BoA Give B2B Mobile Wallets a Boost?

Polished shoes and nice jacket? Check. Laptop? Yep. Business cards and document pouch? Got it. Company-issued plastic? Ha Who needs that? A successful business trip depends on preparation, and that includes payments.

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BofA Links Corporate Cards to Mobile Wallets

Bank of America is adding mobile wallet functionality to its suite of commercial card products, the bank said Wednesday (Sept. 12).

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Here’s Why Bank of America Has Filed Nearly 50 Blockchain-Related Patents

Bank of America, one of the world’s largest banks, also holds the most live patents in the blockchain space. Even though banks such as Western Union say they have yet to see the cost and time-saving benefits blockchain technology is said to bring, is forging ahead in the space. Kind of. The reason: The bank […]

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