Bill Payments

How Accurate, Speedy Supplier Payments Start With the PO

The procure-to-pay process can be like a game of dominoes stacked up and ready to fall into place. The first domino in the set is the purchase order, and unless that PO is correct, everything else, including invoice and payment, can quickly fall into disarray.

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Mastercard Launches Real-Time Bill Payments via Banking Apps

Mastercard announced that it is launching Mastercard Bill Pay Exchange – a real-time bill payment and presentment service. This will give issuers the opportunity to recapture ground lost by consumers opting out of online and mobile bill-pay services in favor of visiting biller sites directly to pay their bills.

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UK Looks to Improve Bill Payments With ‘Request to Pay’ Initiative

The UK’s New Payment System Operator (NPSO) is inviting billers to jump aboard its ‘Request to Pay’ initiative, which will give firms and their customers more control, flexibility and transparency in bill payments.

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