Major Retailers Attack Banks Over Tap Payments Routing Gouge

The Banking Royal Commission may be over, but Australia’s peak retail body is nowhere near finished when it comes to spotlighting lucrative institutional fee rorts the Reserve Bank of Australia and other regulators are trying to stamp out.

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The Gentrification of Payments

A slow-moving phenomenon is unfolding all over the world. It will have serious consequences, but very few people are consciously aware of it, perhaps because it involves something seemingly banal and benign: the spread of digital payments.

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SWIFT Trials New System to Reduce Payment Delays

A pilot of a new SWIFT blockchain-based system has been launched. It’s designed to address payment delays due to errors in legacy systems. With the system, banks can gain access to each other’s data through an API. This will enable them to check validity of bank account numbers before sending a payment and therefore reduce […]

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